VESDA – Air Sampling Systems

We offer a complete design, supply installation and servicing of VESDA air sampling systems. VESDA systems are generally installed in data centres and computer rooms where very early smoke detection is a must. In many cases clients are looking to install early warning systems as opposed to installing expensive gas extinguishing systems.

VESDA systems are also used for inaccessible locations such as floor or roof voids where normal point detectors would be difficult to access and service in a satisfactory manner. The principle of a VESDA air sampling system is to simply draw in a smoke particle into the sample tube array and convey it to the detector unit situated in a serviceable location.

The smoke particle reaches the laser detector and appropriate action is taken, whereby either an alarm condition based on alert, fire or action. These levels can be programmed to provide the effect required.

These systems actually draw air and particles into the detector tubes via the detector pump- this allows the system to be very active rather than a passive/static point type smoke detector.? These systems are also able to learn their environment during the commissioning/set up stage, therefore they are less prone to false alarms.

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