Radio Linked Wireless Systems

Phoenix Detection Systems supply, install and service radio linked wireless fire alarm and detection systems.

Radio linked wireless fire alarm systems require virtually no hard wiring and are therefore ideal for situations where access is limited or where running cables is a non-option such as in a grade 1 or 2 listed building. Radio linked wireless systems are also ideal for temporary installations such as on a construction site where cables cannot be easily run or protected. One of the benefits of using a radio linked wireless type of system is that they can be easily removed at the end of the project and reused.

Modern-day radio linked wireless systems have seen major advances in product design and battery technology. Batteries have become smaller and more efficient while equipment design has improved so that devices have a more modern appearance.

Combination detectors and sounders are available for small installations or where they need to be unobtrusive. Repeater panels can be employed for larger installations.

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