Service and Maintenance

Fire Detection Systems need to be regularly serviced and maintained generally as detailed in the British Standard BS5839-1 Clause 44.

The clause states that the fire alarm system is subject to fire alarm servicing as detailed in the code to ensure the system will operate when called upon in an emergency. It is essential that unrevealed faults are identified (and resolved).

Preventative measures should be taken to ensure the continued reliability of the system is maintained. False alarm problems should be identified and addressed and users of the systems are made aware of any changes etc. to the system or its effectiveness.

Servicing should always be carried out by a competent person with required skills, experience and knowledge of the system.

Phoenix Detection Systems offer a full service and maintenance contract for all types of detection systems, we have been providing this service since 1998, we can schedule service visits over the course of a year so that you know exactly when the next visit is due to your premises. Our visits will be fully documented and any recommendations highlighted.

We will provide you with a system log book that will be updated on each service visit and be ready for any inspections by the Fire Authorities.

As part of the service and maintenance we will include a 24/7 call out response service.

Phoenix Detection Systems can also offer an alarm monitoring service. Just because a fire alarm system is installed, it does not mean that you are fully protected. One way to help ensure you are protected after your business is closed for the day is to have a fire monitoring service.

This can be done by interfacing your system to the telephone network. This can be via the traditional telephone system or on the G.S.M network. On activation of your fire alarm system a signal is sent to the alarm receiving centre that will then call the Fire Brigade and alert your nominated key holder.

Fire alarm monitoring is a must for insurance companies insuring a business against fire. Redcare monitoring can be provided which is a well-known and proven communication system. Redcare has been around for about 26 years and is a reliable service used by many businesses.

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