R102 Restaurant Fire Systems

Phoenix Detection Systems supply, install and service the R102 kitchen protection system.

The R102 system has been the lead industry product since the inception of kitchen protection systems some 30 years ago. Each R102 system is designed to suit each specific kitchen layout. The kitchen’s nozzle configuration is tailored and aimed at the specific ‘at risk’ areas such as hot fat cookers and fryers.

In case of fire, the R102 system is either operated by way of fusible link detectors or manually. The R102 agent is then discharged as a liquid which quickly turns to a surface foam on contact with hot surfaces. The foam not only puts out the fire but also acts as a cooling agent to prevent re-ignition.

One of the key benefits of the R102 system is the quick clean up time after a discharge. Most kitchens are able to be back in operation within a few hours.

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